Top Tracer Challenges

Join us each month at Horton Park for our Top Tracer Challenge! Next event, Nearest the Pin, Monday 4th June 6 – 7 pm!

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Game Improvement Workshops



Oli Tucker has been working with David Wedzik and Erik Barzeski (authors of LSW) to produce a workshop that will lower your scores instantly.

Golf is unique: it’s the only sport in which the Lowest Score Wins. Golfers have been inundated for years with advice and sayings intended to help them shoot lower scores, like “spend 50% of your time practicing your putting” or “you’ve got to be in the short grass.”

What if we told you that most of this popular advice was not true at all? That these myths are holding you back from reaching your potential and shooting the lowest score possible? That putting might be the least important skill in golf, that driving the ball far is much more important than driving it straight, and that Phil Mickelson might just be the best strategist on the PGA Tour?

Lowest Score Wins is NOT your classic golf workshop. We show you the new way to shoot lower scores — immediately. You’ll learn to use something called Separation Value to guide your practice and how you can use Shot Zones to help you determine your GamePlan for every shot you play. You’ll discover why typical course management strategy fails (hint: it only covers half of the equation). This workshop is the first of its kind. It is your own personal roadmap to shooting lower scores tomorrow. What are you waiting for?

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