It all depends what other clubs you have in your bag and what your strengths / weaknesses are.

It’s common to have 2 wedges as a beginner:

Pitching Wedge (46°-48°)
Sand Wedge (56°)

Depending on what gaps you have in your distances its common to add a third wedge, either a Gap Wedge (50°-54°) or a Lob Wedge (60°) if needed.

My current set up is:

Pitching Wedge (46°)
Gap Wedge (52°)
Lob Wedge (58°)

In a 3 wedge set up, I would suggest having at least 1 wedge with lots of ‘bounce‘ that you can and like using out of a bunker.

If you have a ‘strong’ pitching wedge (Ping G30 for example) and less longer clubs, you may prefer:

Pitching Wedge (45°)
Gap Wedge (51°)
Sand Wedge (56°)
Lob Wedge (60°)

Lofts on wedges can be changed by any good club fitter ( but prior to buying clubs or changing lofts, its important to know what distance you hit the ball with wedges. You can book a trackman gapping session by clicking here.

How many wedges should I use in my bag?

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