It was the much anticipated and long overdue return of Tiger Woods at the weekend! A lot was debated in the run up to the Hero World Challenge; will he make the cut? Can he hit a long enough ball? Will his back last 4 rounds? The answer to all of the above was an unequivocal yes! But did it matter? Does the game really need Tiger Woods back?

Sky Sports averaged 70k views for the PGA Tour events they broadcasted this year, however, with the return of Tiger as well as a strong field, figures for the Hero World Challenge were 250k! Golf also received more air time on sports and mainstream news channels both in Europe and the USA prior to and during the Hero World Challenge.

More viewers and increased airtime cant be detrimental to the game, particularly in the current climate of amateur golf with less club members and even less clubs across the UK and Europe.

So he’s got through 4 rounds of golf and with a top 10 finish the 14 time Major Winner has leaped from world number 1199 to 668th. So what questions will we be asking and answering next? Will he win another major? Will he make the Ryder Cup team? Ill be there (as a spectator if that wasn’t obvious) so I certainly hope so!

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