tAPP is the simple and affordable golf statistic app for club golfers of all abilities.

Giving you the information that matters without disturbing your round!

Why you need this App.

Too many times I’ve heard, “I left a few shots out there!” or “Putts didn’t drop today!”

Well, this will help you identify where you left these shots, because a large amount of golfers just don’t know! A little clue, it’s very rarely putting.


How to get started

By recording 4 key factors per hole (Tee shot, Approach, Pitching, Putting) tAPP will give you a breakdown of your strengths and weakness in your game.

Download The Golf Effect App (android version coming soon). Click “PLAY’ then click ‘register’ and follow the sign up instructions. You can now start your round.


How to  record your round

Open the app, click ‘PLAY’ and click ‘mobile version” if not currently selected. Sign in.

Approach shots and whether you hit the green in regulation (GIR) has the most influence on your score. The more GIR you have, the lower your score will usually be. A GIR is being on the green in 1 shot on a par, 2 shots on a par and 3 shots on a par 5.


GIR Chance – Did you have a chance of hitting the green in regulation? Knowing this gives us information about the accuracy and distance of your tee shots.

GIR – Yes, you’re on the green. No, you’re not on the green. Near, you’re within 20 yards of the green and not in a hazard or obstructed. This provides information about the accuracy of your approach shots.

Distance of first putt – Measured in feet, we use this to tell us how close you get the ball when you miss a green and how good your short game is.

Total Putts – The total putts you have combined with the number of putts from the distance of you first putt, tells us how good you putting is. This is done by the strokes gained method. Not by the total number of putts for the round.


What is strokes gained in putting?

The best way to explain this is with an example.

From a distance of 8ft, a tour pro will on average do 1.5 putts (they 1 putt half the time and 2 putt the other half). So, if a tour player has 1 putt from 8ft, they gain 0.5 strokes on the rest of the players. Our app calculates the strokes gained for players of every handicap.

The expected number of putts for an 18 handicapper from 8ft is 1.8. Therefore, an 18 handicapper doing 1 putt from 8ft will gain 0.8 shots.

Complete your round (or any number of holes) and you’ll receive an email with feedback about your performance.


What to look for

Here is a basic chart of how you should be performing compared to your handicap. Look for areas to improve.

GIR and nGIR17141186
1st Putt Length (non-GIR) in feet10111213.514
Up and Down35%31%26%20%16%

Number of putts is not shown here because it alone is useless. Putting performance is calculated on the strokes gained method described above. Having 18 putts for the round does not mean you putted well. You may have chipped everything to 1 inch from the hole. Likewise, 40 putts per round is not an indication of a poor putting performance, you may have left yourself 120 foot away from the hole on each green.

You will receive an email with you performances or click here to see all your rounds.

Whats next?

Our android version will be out soon!

Practice mode will be enabled

Stats will be able to be view on your mobile device

Links to local professionals to help improve your game

The latest equipment recommended for you

Selected stats shown for selected rounds

More video tips!


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